Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My artistic inspiration


           When we got this project asking us to list 25 things that shaped us as an artist, many different memories started coming back to me.  The memory that came to the fore front of my mind was when my mom bought me this clay book.  When I was in second grade we had a book fair at my school, my mom knew i was kind of into drawing and crafts so she picked me up a copy.  When she gave it to me I didn't think to much of it, until a little later on when i started flipping through the pages.  Once I started seeing all the different clay creations in the book I was hooked. For some reason I became so fascinated with all that you could do with clay.  

       I began to try to make the objects in the book, the first one I can remember was this sumo wrestler guy.  I started carrying clay with me everywhere, which turned out to a little bit of a problem.  My mom for some reason didn't like this mobilization of clay, probably because it started showing up in my  pants pockets along with the wash, and in the carpet at home.  I always reminded my mom it was her fault for buying the book, that didn't go over so well either.  I really have to give credit to my mom and this book, because if I never had received  the book I'm not sure if I would have pursued art.  I just know that once I got into clay modeling I really started enjoying art.  Before I kind of liked art,  just drawing doodles like every kid does, but this seemingly small thing( a Clay book bought at a book fair) created in me a love for art.

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  1. Love this post--always interesting to see where our inspiration comes from!