Thursday, April 16, 2009

amazing how time gets away from you..

I guess I feel older today. It's always interesting to think of the aging face. What a tiny crease I may have now could turn into a laugh line one day. These are the things that mark age. You see a statue or a painting with wrinkles and you automatically read age. I guess vaguely it reminds me of this: the same girl with or without wrinkles who seems to be older or younger. It's also how "myspace" angles make someone look younger and thinner, often.

Wrinkles are something you learn early to photoshop onto a face to add age (and it's fun to photoshop makeup on to people too, or is that just me?) They kind of seem to fit a little formula. you've got the two slants beside the lip /o\ , the forehead creases .=. , the crows eyes >. .<.. other entirely normal things. things you learn to appreciate with time. and it makes this cute little emoticon:


yeah.. i dunno what to write and i'm tired. but hey, emoticons are art, yeah? :(

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