Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As Time Goes By

I was part of an amazing opportunity about a month ago. I was entered in a 48 hour film competition with some of my best friends in the world.

It was an experience of a lifetime and as I've reflected on the grueling, sleep deprived weekend over which the film process took place I am yet again reminded of how one is never through with looking.What was so wonderful about this experience was probably working with some great people and observing how all of our talents contributed to the overall film-making process.

The guidelines were simple: 1) The film must make a reference to a very famous movie. 2) The film must be between 3 and 5 minutes. 3) The film must end with the line "Don't be a hero."

The plot is about a working girl and a man who is slightly out of his element looking to pick up a working girl for the night. It is almost a reference to the movie "Pretty Woman" with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the sense that the desire is to save a valuable woman from a dangerous harsh life. So needless to say this man wants to save this woman from her lowly existence and sweep his damsel off of her feet. It is done in the styles of memoir and film noir. The male character gives the audience a sense that this has already happened or that he is reliving the experience of rescuing this woman from her dark life. There is then a twist. We then find out that the man never rescued the woman. He looked back, saw her and drove away. He did not want to interfere with her life, she is living this life because she chose it. He could not rescue her from her own world.

The process involved in creating a film is very meticulous and even with 3 pairs of eyes it proves to be very difficult to see every flaw in the system. Editing is certainly evidence of such a statement. During the editing process we had to pay very close attention to where exactly the actors are in each shot and if it is a split shot where we see several different angles to the shot it is extremely difficult to match every specific position. I know of a few things that (due to time and resources) I know are flaws, even though they are not too apparent.
Film creating is very similar to drawing in the sense that it is a very drawn out process of observation, changing and reworking.
Just as thrilling as a plot twist can be in realizing that the last hour and a half of your movie going experience was all a misleading journey into a beautiful or ghastly truth, life is also just as misleading. We reach inevitable truths that we believe to be permanent but with different insight the perspective might change. We see one side in the film "Don't be a hero- As Time Goes By" that the man is trying to rescue her because he feels that he would not want to live through the same dark and unrelenting pain that he imagines this woman having. From a moral standpoint it presents a very interesting argument. Should he rescue her or allow her to rescue herself if she so desires? Does she want to be rescued in the first place? Does she want someone to rescue her? The truth is is one can never truly decide for someone when one is in the place that this man was in. Don't take an immediate reaction to someone's lifestyle as being something good or bad.
So As time goes by continue to observe, continue to look because you are never done with looking.

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