Monday, April 6, 2009

15 properties

So in one of my classes we are reading Christoper Alexander's The Phenomenon of Life, Book One: The Nature of Order. Not that I am really recommending the book, but he talks about how everything has a certain degree of life to it; not biological life, but some things just "feel" and "connect" to our souls more. He never really makes this idea of exactly how you decide why things have life. But I think that the concept is really fascinating, especially in drawing, as we are the re creators of a scene:
We get to assign life to objects.
This is his most easily explained property, there is a list of 14 others, and personally I find them very subjective and sometimes represented unfairly in his comparisons, but I think that they can have some influence into how we think about drawing. They are:
alternating repitions
deep interlock and ambiguity
good shape
local symmetries
levels of scale
positive space
strong centers
simplicy and inner calm
the void

I think that ever since learning about these I think about them more in everything, especially in these charcol drawings we are doing.

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  1. This book sounds really fascinating--I'm curious and will look it up. Thanks for sharing!