Monday, February 23, 2009

While Giacometti's 1950 " The Artist's Mother" has had great inspiration for this current assignment I find myself lost in looking ! I guess I mean that observation while attempting to complete the assignment has been a very good test for the study of light ,value ,and even shape. It is obvious now that Value can define form but not necessarily the other way around . The value as perceived within a composition is ever changing. The strong natural lighting source we have observed over the past several weeks in the classroom is a testiment that shadow and value go hand in hand .Light and dark contrast certainly can help define shape and porportion, but it changes . It can come off abstract while still look very gesturely and even flowing in nature. Line can most certainly be utilized to define form and correspond seemlessly to shape.
Lighting affects certainly determine value as it relates to the composition and subject matter. I find myself not only looking more intently but also more observant in listening and even in my own reaction time ??? Patience ??? I don't think so , just a realization that things require study, even reactions. By this I think I mean reaction to life. Things, places and even more serious, People, situations etc.......... Throughout my fifty-one years of living, I have found that in the last several months preparing to return to the "University Life" after a brief 28 year break , that I don't require what I thought I wanted for all these years. The American way of life is "get it now , want it now!" Trust me when I say that life is to be enjoyed today and everyday. Take care to plan for the future while completely living each day to it's fullest everyday. Have great friends, love your family, and do whatever you can to help everyone /anyone who asks for your assistance. It may be the last chance you get to do so. Not trying to sound "Doomsdayish" but time is one thing that is a great gift that we all seem to take for granted ! Take in the day, the sunshiny , blusterous, rainy, snowy days and always look for the positive in what is put before you! I am a true optimist I guess ,in that I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Call it Karma ??? But I know that if you ever stop looking, you will fade away. Make your mark in the world and "LOOK" . You will be amazed at what you will see .....


  1. "But I know if you ever stop looking, you will fade away."

    This is a stunning sentence John.

    I appreciate your view of things--both in terms of drawing and in terms of life.

    Sometimes life shows us what is really, really important, and I have to believe that is a kind of clarity in seeing/perceiving

  2. I have the chills. Very well said. Someone could be standing at the stoplight crosswalk holding up a map while hundreds of people brush by. No one looks around to see that he/she might need help, no one takes the three minutes to help make someones day.