Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I guess first I should say that I am not so good at writing blogs like this. I'm not even sure if this is a relevant topic as it mostly pertains to the type of drawings I do outside of class, and if it isn't I guess I can change it later. But I was recently hit by a sudden wave of inspiration and for the past week or so I have really wanted to keep drawing. Hopefully this creative streak will last a while as I feel it has been some time since I have produced any art that I am relatively pleased with. But I have noticed that inspiration like this often occurs after I have either watched a movie, show, or read a book that I really got interested in. A lot of times like these, I have the sudden urge to illustrate scenes, characters, or even something symbolic that I really liked about whatever it was. If I happen to like the end result, I often find myself searching for more inspiration so that I can keep drawing. So I was wondering if any of you ever experience periods like this where something has completely motivated you to draw. What kinds of things inspire you guys?

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  1. Stephanie,

    Very nice--yes, I get these urges too--and for me they happen in relation to something I love--visually usually. I try to take note of the emotions and when they happen because noting what we just love visually helps us understand who we are/or will be as artists.

    Patterns get me going, as do objects "in relation", complicated sea creatures, BRIGHT colors, chunky paintings...

    Tell us more about WHAT in these movies and books inspires you!