Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Done your Math homework ?

We're not really talking calculus or quantum mechanics, but I was actually thinking about today how much math at least I use in art, or in that patterns of art. Until recently I could not remember the guys name (as one of my other professors reminded me) but I think of Sol Lewit when I mention this. But not only artwork like his, but the strange bits and pieces we use in everyday artwork, measuring put a space, just using a ruler to try and get a straight box is sometimes a challenge (when you're having an off day).Geometric structures, mathematically determined line movement in specifically simple (yet complicated looking) directions are one of the more interesting forms of artwork, for whatever reason I think this it remains the same and I wanted to know about how others use math either consciously or subconsciously when you do your art. How ridged is it or is it all organic in nature.


  1. Mmm math and quantum mechanics! I like the idea of math and science being a part of art, not just as means of aesthetics but also to convey information. Thanks for bringing this up..I am now inspired to make my next post about the art of science!

  2. Oh yes--soooo many connections between math, science and art...great post, thoughtful questions!