Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I still do not know what to put here.

Today in one my classes, we discussed stress and what people do to relieve it. When I was asked, I immediately said drawing. I have always doodled to relieve stress. I was curious to know everyone's reason as to why they decided to pursue art. Also, what motivates you to just sit down and draw? I think for me, it's a passionate feeling. If I am happy, sad, angry I am more likely to draw. Answers in the comment section. Ready. Go.


  1. I enjoy drawing the most when I have a lot of time to just be alone. For me, it's usually a quiet/contemplative/talk-to-myself/wondering/ thoughtful kind of time with lots of introspection. I can't live without alone time.

    But I don't draw when I'm stressed. It would be ugly and I might break my pencil. I prefer yelling/screaming. :-)

  2. Sitting and drawing relieves stress for me too--when I sit and draw I feel calmer because I know for the duration of that time I can just be quiet--no errand to run or laundry to fold, no dinner to cook or telephone call to make--I am so good at "erranding" my time away and so sitting and drawing reminds me that simply living and breathing is just as important--maybe more so. Also, I feel like I can hear myself when I draw.

    And to answer the art question--I became an artist because I knew if I didn't I'd be miserable and quite cranky. This may sound silly and even trite but it's actually true. Even now, if I go for long periods of time without making work I become a miserable human being.