Sunday, February 22, 2009

Simply Complicated

Sometimes the simplest objects can be the most complicated things to understand. I am sure that I am not the only person who has pondered over a leaf or a fluffy white cloud, or even water, and been totally floored and amazed. Looking at them is one thing, but can we ever really SEE them for what they are? Can we understand them in their entirety? Take something as plain, though necessary and delicious, as a cup of coffee. A few of my friends and I were out at IHOP last night and I ordered coffee as my beverage of choice. I poured a bit of creamer into the dark beverage and was intrigued at how the milky white cream swirled and diffused into the coffee creating a warm caramel color. It was amazing. How can one perceive something so simply and common-place yet so beautiful and intricate?

Consequently, this leads me to wonder how in the world can someone draw a tangible, perceivable object so that it is believable and true to nature, while simultaneously adding their own signature and style? I am in the very early stages as an artist and have yet to discover many of the infinite mysteries and secrets of drawing. At some point, it will be clearer to me and my eyes will see past the surface and my hands will trace the form; the drawing will speak for itself telling the viewer not only what it is a representation of, but who the artist is and why she used this stroke this way or that swerve that way. A cup of coffee will not only be a hot robust beverage, good to the last drop, but a work of art that baffles the mind and stimulates the artist.

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  1. Grace, beautiful, thoughtful post--love the connection to the beautiful simplicity of every day life...