Monday, May 4, 2009


These are two poems I've written recently that have strong hindu and buddhist influences. I thought I might share them.


The longest finger: a flame.
A perfect-circle is formed
A consolidation-consensus is reached.
In the name of the Holy, they produce a flame.

A vibrant sustenance, tarred and burning
Expelled, expelled, expelled, expelled.
Slowly, the waving vibration of sundanced trees
Of a long and snaking line of time.

A grand expansion grows to transcendence.
AngerLanguageWorry fall to humanity.
And what is left but a wordless art, teeming and golden
Seen perfectly through infinite strings of life?


Living beings, like tiny specs of organ
Squeeze past one another in a mass of entanglement.
Patterns, internal, move them.

A universal hum emerges from one
Then another
And, finally, all.

An internal movement, an external pattern,
A pulse like ephemeral light.
And all are rendered still.

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