Sunday, May 3, 2009

Misplaced goods.

The more organized I try to be, the harder it seems to be to find things. I just moved into this new house on March 1. Since then, I've got my "art closet", which stores my photographs that I've yet to put into a book, various papers for said book, cotton for making dolls, styrofoam shapes for random projects, all my paints, brushes, pens, and other stuff that could be categorized into a craft of some sort. Somewhere, not in that closet, is a tube of black paint. I need that one thing, right now. And it isn't where it ought to be! This is frustrating!

I've searched all over. A few days ago I couldn't find the charger for the camcorder, and I needed it to film Ben's submission grappling tournament, which took place yesterday. At the very last minute I found it in a box where it shouldn't have been. I searched for days! I finally told Ben I had no idea where it could be, that I'd looked in all the places it ought to be 3 or 4 times, and everywhere else once. But the one place I didn't search, was in HIS boxes that have yet to be sorted, that sit in the closet in the kids' room. And of course, that is where I found it.

By the way, after 5 intense bouts against some solid competitors, he won first place in his division. I am very proud. And today, he is very sore! My baby's daddy is a champion. :) I got it on video, thanks to the perseverance of my searching efforts.

I'm tired of being disorganized. It wastes so much time that could be better spent doing anything else. My mid-year resolution is to correct this problem, before the baby comes. Until then, I have to probably go out today and buy another tube of black paint, because I'm exhausted from looking!

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