Monday, May 4, 2009

Looking but not seeing???

One of my biggest pet peeves is the fact that (and we’ve all done it) looked at something but never really seen what we’re looking at fully or why??? That’s right, all of us! We live in a world of high expectation and achieving great results fast. That means that we all had better learn how to manage multiple deadlines, objectives and projects. Otherwise, we most likely will be left behind!!!! Right ???? Well, perhaps we just need to approach things differently. Maybe we just need to look harder, listen more intently, think longer and react more calculated! Slow down ………. In today’s ever so changing field of technology/communications we have come to expect almost an immediate response to almost ever request. Globalization of communications leads the way. Now, today we must have to a Facebook, Gmail, Google and Yahoo accounts to just survive???? And of course, how could I forget the TWEET. What ever happened to speaking with the person you needed or wanted to talk with? My password list is as long as my grocery list however getting shorter each month due to rising food costs. I wish my passwords would do the same. No Chance! Which brings me to another topic? Identity theft. Wow, who would have thought that people half way around the world could steal your personal information and drain your monetary accounts so easily? HACKERS! What a name? People wake up. You certainly are required to conform, but at least you still have a choice? Or do you? When was the last time you were required to log in, ID and password, scroll here, click here, just to receive information directing you to another web site location/ address to do the same again and again? Invalid password ……Please Reset….. Wait three hours for an alert re-confirmation. Life continues to require us get more tech. savvy every day. I am starting to feel more at ease with this phenomenon but I feel very helpless and sorry for the grandparents and people over say 60??? Hell 50???? How out of touch these people must feel. The fact is that some of the most self assured, hardest working and the happiest people I know are older, out of touch with technology but at a state of satisfaction and ready for what lays ahead tomorrow. What this has taught me and perhaps makes you rethink that way in which you approach life and happiness is that all you need to do is “LOOK” hard! LISTEN more closely and choose more wisely. This takes time and focus! Slow down long enough to choose wisely. You will have to live with your choices in life for LIFE.

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  1. Slowing down seems delightful right about now--I highly recommend a day long email/internet fast--very clarifying and clearing, and calming.