Friday, March 27, 2009

Food for Thought

On a whim I searched for scrapbooking with charcoal. It didn't really come up with anything like I thought it would but I did find a few intresting pictures, as well as some that lead me to other artistic mediums.
A bookmark so all her 'books can wear pearls'. On this search I also came across some charcoal grilled chicken made me a little hungry. Also made me think of food in terms of art. So food as an art form. Initially i thought of those artpaintsing made from burnt toast.

But it doesnt even have to have a picture on it to be art. I watch the food Network alot and they often have competitions where the actual look of the cake, or sugar sculpture was the determinent on who the winner was. They even use the word sculpture. Among other food art I've found. Below : canned food stacked up for food drive competition Not a sculpture, but made entirely out of melted sugar...
About Sugar Sculptures:


  1. I watch food network too! I love the cake art competitions. I wouldn't mind doing that for a living :) ..beautiful and edible!

  2. Beautiful and unique! I love the abstract thinking! Especially the canned food drive motivation- the inner drive to donate more and more cans till the sculpture is done. Thanks for sharing!