Friday, January 30, 2009

On Art: Drawing

In Intermediate Drawing, we have been discussing Line; what it is, how it works, and the like. So far, we have experimented with contour line drawings and gesture drawings. Now I am certainly no expert on drawing and the use of line; however, I am finding that there is no level at which one has "perfected the line" per say. As the blog is titled "I am never done with looking", so it is with anything pertaining to art. As long as there is more to see, there is more to translate, and to transfer from one world to the next: from the literal world, to the imagined, to the created.

I am finding that drawing is like a river; it is endless and always leads to something much greater. But what is it that I am aspiring to through drawing? Do I do it so that one day I'll be famous? to understand it better? for kicks? Or maybe I simply find it essential to my own understanding of the world around me. Maybe, it brings clarity, broadens my horizons, and opens doors to worlds I'd never dreamed of. Maybe it's all of the above. As I stated previously; it is like a river. There is no end and a beginning is debatable.

Drawing and the techniques in drawing can tell alot about the subject and the artist alike; what they saw, how they saw it, what they want the viewer to see and gather from it. What I will learn myself, I am not quite sure. I'm still looking.

one begins
with a single stroke

do not lift
see where it leads you

down a river
or dark alley

a surge of emotion
sorrow and elation

a face
a mother
a friend
a soul

only the line will tell


  1. Grace, I very much like your comparison of drawing to a river--acknowledging the slow continuous-ness of the pursuit--I too find this...