Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am currently taking IAR 321, Design Perspectives, and we are talking about the broad sense of design and how it corresponds to EVERY other discipline; which definitely includes drawing. We discussed the movie "Powers of Ten"

At first I thought it was just a scientific movie- just a look at the universe and atoms. But then I started to think about the design of it all. How the smallest things make up the whole universe and how one little change can create a whole different substance. My teacher is big on patterns, and the rythm of the world is quite fascinating when thought of out of normal context. We also related to Philosophy- how do we know we are the only life forms and how could all this specific design be created by one all-knowing being. The biggest impact this film brings is that there is a vastness and we harldy fill up a fraction of a percent of it-so even though in the grand scheme of things our decisions won't impact the universe-but why not still try to change the world?

I think that drawing, for me, is like dissecting this short film: it's very easy for me to derive the basic meaning of a piece, but I need to spend more time at the deeper meanings and the drive behind the work. I think everyone could benefit if they just slowed down and contemplated drawing.


  1. Oh SO exciting--you are the first to post aside from me!!! YES! Powers of 10--quite a movie isn't it--glad for the link to see it again.

    I like your connection to drawing--indeed drawing is a kind of spiraling practice--simple initially and then one realizes you could spend FOREVER (almost) sorting out proportion, or finding the full range of marks possible in a piece of vine charcoal--and perhaps, just perhaps this spiraling in is a kind of metaphor for our humanity that is forever unfolding when we look into something/anything? deeply.

    Thanks Kimberlyn!!